Our goal is to provide our customers with a full range of products that they need in retreading process.

Our deliveries are fast and usually you receive your orders within 1-3 days.

“Order only what you need. If that is two rolls of precure tread and a can of cement, no problem.”

You don’t have to keep large stock yourself and can concentrate on business rather than stock planning.


Precure treads

  • GT precure

Our main program of precure tread patterns.

Avon Premium precure tread has been successfully sold for over 20 years by our company. When our customer is looking for price vs value, end-customer satisfaction and wide pattern range, Avon is your brand.

ITG precure tread is well established brand in whole European and Scandinavian area. Good quality with reasonable pricing are a few of the factors why our customers choose ITG brand precure treads.

Goodway precure tread is our latest addition to our precure tread program and we are stocking two different patterns.



  • Kraiburg precure


Kraiburg is one of the highest quality precure tread brands in the market.

Some of our customers prefer using Kraiburg precure treads when retreading and thus we also are stocking these precure treads in our warehouses (ie. K19, K32, K71, K75).

We have several purchase orders yearly from Kraiburg company so if you are needing a precure tread pattern we don’t have in stock at the moment, delivery is rather fast.

  • Kraiburg cushion rubber

Kraiburg cushion is one of the highest quality cushion rubbers in the market.

Six months use-by-date makes it easy to store.

We offer wide range of factory cut cushion rubber boxes (easy to use 2 rolls/box) and also the long, 1040mm length rolls for those retreaders who have cutter themselves.

  • OTR segments

We are offering also wide range of OTR segments. Rubber compounds used in these OTR segments are high quality and customers can choose different rubber compound options that best suits their needs.

Strips rubbers and sidewall rubbers

Green Tread is representative of Cooper-Avon hot cure rubber in Finland and in the Baltic area.

High quality, wide range of different strips rubber compounds combined with good availability are one of the reasons that our customers value.

We provide different rubber compounds for multiple uses in hot cure retreading; PCR, van, rally, drifting, Truck and OTR.

Palletiser Blending Layering calander copy

Sidewall palet blue yellow Sidewall on pallet Fork lift movement Laboratory close up


Other retreading materials

Brush and spray cement, lubricants for bladders/curing tubes/envelopes, extruder rubber, tread repairing rubber, tyre paint, plastic (350 mm and 450 mm).

Retreading accessories

Green Tread is official distributor of MAE envelopes, wicking, curing tubes, bladders and other retreading accessories.



  • Buffing blades

We are offering extensive range of B&J Rocket and Italmatic products.